April 15th


It's been a VERY BUSY WEEK, and we're pushing towards starting animation at the top of May! Our amazing Godspeed team is crushing it! The test walk cycle above is animated by Josh Chambers, who is currently in ATL, and it was rigged by Johara Dutton, who is also in ATL. We hired a team of background designers from all over this week whom all start on Monday! Thank you to everyone that reached out, it was so many amazing artists, and I wish we could hire everyone, but our budget is so so so tight. It was incredible to see how many artists we meet up with that were so excited to participate in this small indy animated project. Our budget is so tight that we had to let the project speak for itself, and once we told them about it, everyone said yes!

Remi has been crushing it, as always. Currently, he's been digging into Mouth packs for our main character and expression sheets.

He's about to start on multiple angles on her so we can have a master control to really get full control over the acting. It's starting to take shape! And as you can see, it's all about finding the right team that wants to push the envelope a bit. Many artists just want to show the world what they really can do, and I love having the kind of production that gives that ability to artists. This is where the updates get REALLY FUN!! :) Olan

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