April 21st

Hey everyone! Got some exciting news! Toom Boom and Wacom have come on as sponsors of the project. Toon Boom turns out was massive fans of Final Space, and we needed software licenses for our animators so they hooked our team up with the software we needed. A massive thank you to Julia at Toon Boom for helping us out!

I reached out to Wacom with the mission of securing a Cintiq for our supervising director and they were able to help with that mission. Huge thank you to Pamela at Wacom!

Every little bit helps when you're doing an independent production like this and to have some of the top companies in the production of animation want to jump in and help out was huge! Not only does it mean a lot but it's a huge confidence boost to our team! 

In other good news! WE'RE SAGE approved! Finally! So we can start casting and recording our talent! We are so excited about this! So I'm currently pulling together sides (a short piece from the script) for auditons of our main character.

Our entire background team is hired and currently working away! And our animators start next week!

We're about to be in the deep end of production! Onwards!


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