April 28th

Hey everyone! What a WHIRLWIND of a week! For those who don't know, after two years I received a license to finish the Final Space story in a graphic novel. I know, insane! I just launched the pre-order for the book at finalspaceends.com I'm trying to figure out something special for all who donated to this project, even if it's a special one-night live-read online of the novel when it gets done. Why do this? You all were on the front lines! I think Godspeed helped 100% in some way; I think it all helped, from shirts to just tweeting about the show to keeping the conversation going. I thank all of you so much for being a part of this adventure! I also have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon about Godspeed, and I think you all are going to be very excited! So what does that mean for Godspeed overall? Does it affect it? Not one bit; we're full systems go! In fact, we start animation next week! Our team of background designer are hard at work, and below are a few from the project!

This team is crushing it! We also receive our first batch of auditions for our main character. Everything is moving at lightning speed! Next week everything begins! And big news coming soon! As always, more soon! O

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