December 23rd

Hey everyone! Holy cold! Most of the US, myself included, is experiencing a crazy winter storm. Currently, it's 2 degrees, but it feels like -18 with the wind chill. Stay warm, everyone! Ben and I have been trying to do some last-minute tweaks on the script before I start recording the rough radio play for the project, but the power keeps going out. Rolling blackouts are happening all across TN. For those of you who don't know what a radio play is, it's the audio track (dialogue, temp SFX, and temp Music) to an episode. The rough version is usually full of scratch acting, which means it's just dirty audio from a phone or even a mic that isn't intended to be used for the project but allows the project to continue production. In Final Space, I would often record scratch for all the characters, Quinn, Bolo, and even the Lord Commander but never KVN, haha anything but that guy. The radio play is so important! This allows your team to get the first real sense of the tone you want the whole project to be. This is the audio they are going to board too; this process also allows the writer to hear the dialogue for the first real-time and see if anything is out of place or needs to be punched up. Something that I've learned in animation is the writing process isn't really ever over but it's important to never re-write something from this point forward that throws the production off the rails and over budget. Usually, in television, during the boarding process, you get notes and will be tweaking all the way up to the first color of animation. We don't have that luxury with Godspeed because our budget is tight so that's why we're reworking the script so much sure, eliminating big story overhauls. It's best to do it in the script; trust me, the artist's hands and sanity will thank you! We went over and over and over and over on this script, and I'm sure we'll keep doing it. Regardless Happy Holidays! We'll still be grinding on this to try and get a head start before production starts next year. As always more soon! O

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