December 31st

Crazy to think it's been almost half a year since this endeavor started; so much has happened, and this project has really taken shape in a way I never expected. Couldn't have gotten to this point without all of you, and we're officially out of PRE-PRODUCTION, and starting Jan.9, I'm going to Atlanta to start PRODUCTION. 
This project is special. We're rewritten so many times to make sure this is as sharp as possible, and I'm SO HAPPY with what we have. I couldn't have written this without so much help behind the scenes. 
I don't know what happens with this when it's all said and done, but we're aiming to turn heads, and I can't wait to see the smiles on your faces when the last scene hits the screen.
I wanted to put together a tiny clip from Behind the Scenes. I've been shooting all of this that will be a part of the "How to Make Animation" series. It was a moment I didn't expect to capture. Jake Sidwell, who's been my friend for a long time now and even composed on Final Space, has always lifted me up and never made me a few less EVER. And in this script, I wrote a part about not being afraid of dying but being afraid of being forgotten, which ties so much into what happened with Final Space. It was a real emotion that naturally flowed into the script in a compelling way.
That moment really affected Jake because he got sick way back in 2018 and has been battling this illness ever since. I didn't expect to get caught by emotion, but my friends are everything to me. I've had a good bit of terrible so-called "Friends" In my life; we all have. Jake is one of my best friends; his sickness never devalued him, and I hate that it did to some of his other friends. Friendships come and go, but the ones who treat you good and want nothing out of you other than to be your friends are the ones you keep close. 
I think the point I'm making is to use what's happening in your life and pour it into your writing because chances are other people are going to feel it. In this case that happened and it improved the script. 
As always more soon!


  • Liam

    Awesome! I wish you the best

  • Anthony Martinello

    Lets go Olan. I’ve been rewatching final space, hating kevin every time lol. I’m so excited about Godspeed, and just wanted to let ya know something. In seeing your perseverance and will its inspired me to finally go to college. I cant draw but ive always loved writing and cartoons so storyboards and scripts would be a blast. Youre a huge inspiration and we all see the work brother. Much Love, from a huge fan!

  • Chris

    Wish you luck for this and hope you have a great 2023

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