February 11th

Hey everyone!
We're grinding away! It's been a week of building and planning; I'm almost done with the rough radio play, which it's just a rough pass that's filled with scratch. But the dialogue sounds great even scratched (which means not a final record), that usually is a good sign. We also had a massive marketing meeting on how to market this short when it comes out and were trying to plan quite a bit ahead to ensure this is a success. Kyle is crushing it on the 3D truck that's in the short.
I also put together this tiny video, but the audio messed up and didn't record, so I recorded for a few days with zero audio haha it happens. But there was this one moment I was recording a line monologue at the end of this short that took me by surprise. The emotion was so intense because I wrote it as if the character is not only speaking to another character but also the audience, but I didn't realize I also wrote it for me to hear. And then hearing it for the first time was such an intense experience; I never experienced something quite like that.
I have a feeling this moment will hit many of you in the same way; it's powerful. I continue to believe this will be a special experience the more we work on it. I mean, I won't lie everything is super tight; even with this budget, we're trying to do something that is stretching things to their limit. There is no backup, haha everything has to go right or close to right, but I know we can pull this off; too many of the right people are working on this.
We are a week behind in our schedule because we had to wait on some equipment to arrive, but I think we'll make up that time this next week. Okay, as always, see ya next week!

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