February 17th

Hey everyone!

So deep in the first stages of production! Radioplay, Storyboards, Character Design, and soon Backgrounds!

It's a lot of spinning plates spinning simultaneously, and we're trying to make sure we find the right path that is the most cost-effective. If we make a mistake, it can be costly, and we can afford costly mistakes.  A good example that could become costly is recording the actors, mainly because dialogue changes quite a bit in storyboarding. So I'm editing the radio play to the majority of scratch dialogue until we have a locked animatic, so we aren't changing dialogue after we've recorded our actors; this gives us time to adjust lines here and there. These tiny things are what can save us in the long run. 

I mean, limitation forces you to think of solutions, and often for the better. Even with backgrounds, and character rigs having to be very selective, only two characters are getting full rigs. And how can we comp the backgrounds to hide our limitations to expand this world and make it a character? 

It's a challenge, but it's looking good, and we're maybe at most a week right now, but I think we'll make that up here very soon. A little bit of time to make sure we're avoiding potholes and thinking this through will save us down the road. Anyways here's another character turnaround from Remi! :) Until next Friday!



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