By Olan Rogers

February 24th

Hey everyone! Want to see a couple of boards?! I know you do.

Ben is killing it with the thumbnail pass; this is before he polishes it into full-on storyboards. I've seen about 3 minutes of the cold open in thumbs so far, and it looks so good! I purposely choose shots that give nothing away, so don't worry...NO SPOILERS are given in this. We're very excited to keep pushing into the whole short; I think this is coming together nicely. I'm still tweaking the radio play a bit and we're waiting on Remi to come back from Toyko next week to finish up the characters. Once we have a locked Animatic, we can then breakdown out the backgrounds and start on that. But right now and for the next couple of months, it's getting a solid animatic in place before animation starts. More soon! -Olan


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