Friday September 30th

At long last, the website is finally up and running. This has been such a big week for Godspeed; I finished six weeks of consulting sessions! Five to six meetings a day come out to 150 sessions. WOW! Still have some more in October, but the majority is completed; what a blast it's been!
So let's talk about the website!

First off, it's

Second, for those messaging, you can buy the same pledges that were on Kickstarter now.

Third, for anyone who wants to add to their pledge, I've added pledge add-ons, everything from signed scripts to more consulting sessions. I would love to do more consulting sessions; I genuinely have loved it.

Fourth, this site, through shop pay, allows you to make installment payments, which was one reason I chose to do this path on top of no time limit. This site will be up for the remainder of the project's life.

This site, along with the Kickstarter, will be updated every Friday.

In other news, I'm polishing up the second draft. I think I found our prop designer for the project, which is great...another Final Spacer from S3. I've also set up my recording area to start scratching the radio play so Ben can start boarding in October. The first pass on some character art should be coming in next week. Lots of moving pieces! Lots of things are coming together! Exciting times!


  • James Pound

    I am excited even though I have no idea what it is yet, beyond another Olan Rogers show in space

  • Thomas Cheeseman

    Hey Olan,

    Final Space has been some of the greatest TV I’ve ever watched. I’ve laughed I’ve cried and I’ve harassed all my friends until they watched final space and admitted, it’s pretty good.

    I’m devastated that it got canceled and I’m hoping and praying it will come back. But if it doesn’t, I still want to thank you for creating a high caliber show that will forever be my favorite. You’re a legend

  • Melinda

    the idea that storyboards could start in a few weeks is so exciting!

  • James Winton

    Hi Olan, my name is James, I am a kid in the uk.
    Final space has been one of my favorite shows for some time now, and I am gutted that it got canned so early.
    Nevertheless, I am glad that I saw it and I look forward to this project that you’re working on.
    You’ve inspired so many people man, so many. Don’t EVER forget that.

    Godspeed man ;)

  • Justin Brown

    I can’t pledge anything yet but I’m so excited for Godspeed. Best of luck Olan and team!

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