Friday September 23rd

This was a pretty big week for Godspeed. 1. I'm now working on a second pass on the script! 2. Had a kick-off with our character designer; he should be starting initial concept art next week. 3. I'm halfway done with the website for everything Godspeed. It will be a hub for all the updates; people will be able to join the project and pledge from now until we're done, and I'm working on add-on pledges for people who have already pledged but want to advance to the next tier or want to add a consulting session. I will most likely launch this will a mini trailer to the docu-series and some of the first concepts from the project. Could be a week or two, but it's looking really good! 4. I'm continuing consulting sessions, and I'm about finished with the majority of them. What an experience this has been; the coolest part is hearing how people from all over the world have found Final Space. The big focus right now is to continue getting this script in a spot that we're happy with so can start the boarding by the top of next month. From that point, I'll scratch most of the dialogue and start building the radio play while I start looking for the cast. Overall I felt like I got a lot done this week! And the story is really starting to take shape. As always, more soon! O


  • Kai

    how would you fit the feeling of an entire 20 minute episode into half of that??? like would it just be some random adventure or would it be lore based?

  • James Devereaux

    The website looks amazing. It’s great that there are more options to support Godspeed after the Kickstarter! Will definitely buy something else to show more support!

  • Turbo

    Hope final space will come back in 2024

  • Saxon

    You’ve got this Olan! We all love and believe in you!! Take this to the next level!

  • Turbo

    Man I can’t wait for final space s4 I wonder if the universe will handle invictus raiding every dimension in the universe!!!

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