January 20th

Now the background is a placeholder, but we're getting closer to the final Character look for our main Character. This design stands out way more! But also notice the subtle changes, the shadows on the face and the pupils, which add so much depth to get that great acting we need for this. Remi is killing it! The concept art for had her red hair with a red jacket; however, it would be washed away in our background, which will have a reddish hue to them. There's alot of moving pieces happening the the next couple weeks, but right now it's to get a rough radio play finalized so we can keep production moving forward. That's on me to do in the next two weeks so we can get boards started officially. And then we have to cast our lead, this will be lots of SAG paperwork to register it as a union project, and then we can get auditions. This might actually take a long time, Final Space it took over 2 months to find the right voice actor for a role unless we just made a offer to someone. The good news is 4 roles are already pretty casted. Lots more soon! I'm jumping back into work. O

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