July 7th

Happy Godspeed Update Day.

I need a better name for that. So good news my eye is starting to feel better. It's still a tad blurry, but the pain is gone for now.

We are still knee-deep in animation; I cut together a tiny video with new animated shots (these do not have backgrounds and are not zazzed), but the animation team is doing great.

We've also started printing the shirts. The goal here is to get everything done, so we're just waiting on the burning of the Blu-Ray at the very end. So far, we're on track for everything to be shipped out by the end of the year. It's looking good!

Other than that, we're just trying our best to keep everything on track; one thing is for sure doing this makes me appreciate everyone in the production so much more. I mean, so much stress was taking off my plate on Final Space, and I had no idea, but now having to do a lot of this and see every step of the process has been so eye-opening. So thank you to everyone who made my life so much easier on those Final Space days.

Onwards! So excited for you to see what we're cooking up!

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