June 2nd

Hey everyone! A Godspeed Update!

After a tough last week, this week was better; we were still trying to catch up on lots of things, but it's really coming together. We have to stay on top of our pace.

ALL THE ACTORS ARE RECORDED! (Release the celebratory victory balloons!)

I'm including a comped or "zazzed" pass of what Godspeed is looking like so far. This week I'm spotlighting Ben Bjelajac because he's been directing and art directing, and he did this comp to these shots. Couldn't do this without the guy. Also wanted to spotlight Rosa Tran, who helped me navigate the endless paperwork of SAG! She is a miracle worker! The artists are crushing it, and the animators are crushing it! We an independent production, but I'm amazed a what we're making.

Thank you for believing in this project! Onwards. I know this is a short update, but I have to run to a couple of meetings!



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