June 9th

Hey everyone!
There she is...the editing timeline to Godspeed...still so much that needs to be done but...there she is haha and yes I photoshopped out the time, that will be an announcement for later.
This was a busy week with lots of editing; now that we had all the actors recorded, we needed to get a full cut that flows, I'm still working on that, but it's watchable now! Oh man, I can't stress enough how challenging making independent animation is...like wow, every week there's a new fire to put out, but because of the experience of working on Final Space, we know HOW to put these fires out.
We're still a hair behind, but we are still on track and making good progress. The goal isn't just to finish but to make something great and finish.
Right now, we are figuring out our truck and how to make this 3d blend with our 2d style, and we are getting really close. It took a few stabs to find the right style. This truck is our main character's home base, so we wanted to make sure to get it right.
We're making lots of progress every week, can't wait for everyone to see what were cooking up! It's super cool, and it has lots of surprises :)

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