March 12th

Hey everyone! Another Friday has arrived!
First off, another part of the rewards has been ordered and has arrived, over 42 boxes of shirts! Thousands of shirts! We will begin production on all the shirts, so they are done and ready to go when we're ready to ship out later this year! Added some pictures of the limited edition Final Space shirt and Producer shirt designs that ONLY people who did this Kickstarter get. They will be printed on Next Level which is a great high-quality brand that we trust and have printed on many times. 

What about the production? IT'S MOVING! We're having to animate without backgrounds, as most of the design team is still working on them. We're independent; we have to get a little scrappy! However, the backgrounds are looking great and the animation team is doing great. I can't wait to see what Ben (supervising director) does in comping but also me too! :) 

Yeah, cool, right?! Johara did an amazing job on this rig, and the animators are really trying to push the rig to get some really nice acting. It's coming together! We also recorded our main actress yesterday (announcement coming soon) but wow, SO GOOD!  We'll be recording everybody over the next couple of weeks. Overall we're pushing forward and I think this is turning out to be a really awesome short! 
I'll have a big announcement coming soon; I'm being told to wait for now, but once I get this green light to share, it will be very exciting! More soon!

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