May 26th

Hey everyone...peep this.
This has been a genuinely tough week, and these kinds of weeks happen even when you have all the resources, funding, and power of a network behind you. Maybe even more so, I remember some insane weeks or even months on Final Space.
This was death by a million tiny problems kind of week. We're still good, a tad behind, but if we get ahead of it, we'll be golden. So we're adjusting our approach a tad to ensure we reach our goal.
I'm proud of this team, and everything is looking so good, but we just have to get a bit faster. That's the reality of making art is time is always against you. 
Right now, we're trying to record of last two actors next week before this potential SAG strike. When we have that, we can dive into the edit and fine-tune everything to ensure the short is flowing just right. Ben has been playing around with the comp and wanted to show a little of the process of going from boards to animation to comp. Ben is insane with this comp seriously one of, if not the best in the business with it. I'm very excited about how this is going thus far! Onwards!

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