May 5th


This is the most exciting part of the project! WE'VE CAST THE PROJECT, AND RECORDS START NEXT WEEK! I'm so excited! Animation is in full swing, backgrounds are in full swing, and we're pushing forward with a genuine wind behind our sails right now. We're a small independent project, but the work being done on this is amazing!

I've also placed the order for the rewards to start production; the goal with this is to make high-quality, exclusive items that you love! We're considering everything from the quality of the shirt but also how we can add things to it to make it feel special. I'll be posting updates on this soon! After doing clothing with Star Cadet for over ten years, it will be top-notch!

There is always an announcement that all of you will be very excited about NEXT FRIDAY! :) More soon! Adding some backgrounds and a take on pass on a Bowie shot.


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