November 11th

Hey everyone! Big week.
It's been a big decision week for Godspeed. I finally pulled the trigger on the team I'm getting to animate Godspeed; it's a small team of talented animators in Atlanta. No studio. They all are super talented animators that have jobs in animation studios that are going to do this freelance. And really, this was an idea I had wanted to try for a while now and could be the building blocks to start my own animation studio that's entirely remote.
There was so much I never got to learn during Final Space that I now have the opportunity to learn by doing it this way. And if I ever want to start my own animation studio, I need to be involved in every step of the process and soak up more of the medium that I love. During Final Space, I never got to have a say in what artist was hired or see much of the animation process because it all happened in Canada...we'll now I can.
I'm very excited! This was a big decision, and I vetted it every which way. I met with tons of studios, and I truly think this is the best way for my budget and what I'm trying to do. Having a more direct and personal connection with the animators, I think, will only produce better work.
I'm working on fully jumping into the character work Remi has been doing by placing an order for character turnarounds, expression sheets, mouth packs, and everything needed for the animation side of things. I also am getting three more secondary characters made.
The script is in polish mode right now! I'm really putting the final pieces into place for the production/team and hoping to start animation in Feb.2023.
Did I say I was excited? Because I am!
As always, if you still have an interest in joining the journey or want to book a new consulting session, you can do it at:

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