November 18th

Very exciting week! I cast the first person to the project! And as much as I want to say who, it will be such a massive mic drop moment if I keep it a secret. All I'll say is this person is the "link" to having connective tissue. The great thing about how Godspeed is being written is that it can completely stand on, yet if you view it correctly, it does connect with something (wink). 

The other big news is we're written past the amount we can get animated. Why? So we know where this goes! When this 1 chapter is done next year, we're going to launch a second Kickstarter to hopefully do more chapters and then piece it together into one big feature. This is another reason the scripting has been taking a bit longer; we're planning ahead. 

The goal is to make this project a big success and deliver on everything. I'm excited about everything that is happening right now! Lots of progress!

Remi has also started work on the character turnarounds, expression sheets, mouth packs, and some additional characters. Still on the hunt for a solid background artist, and I am hoping to meet some soon.

More soon!


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