October 14th

Hey everybody! This was a big week forward as far as production and planning the next steps on the project. First, I got our first character concepts from Remi, and I really like this direction. I wanted a more angular look and feel for the characters. Keep in mind that these are just concepts and sketches to zero in on our final characters' look. I'm looking for a direction that allows the character to lean dramatically while keeping a fun edge.

I circled "A" because this character is a much more serious character; the other concepts didn't convey the same energy. Some felt too comical or too nice. The character below is trying to find an outfit, a face, or a hairstyle.

Personally, I was pulled to "D" but found "E" & "F" interesting. To me, "D" feels like a character that could be a daughter to "A." The last character concept is the more fun element of this project...a character I really want to voice.

I instantly saw "C" and knew that was the direction I wanted to explore. It's fun but fits the purpose of the character quite nicely. As you can see, this is always the fun part of the project, actually seeing things, it's fun to bring these words to life. Overall I'm very close to having the whole team put together! It's really coming together! Lots more soon!


  • Ventus kaiser

    I won’t lie, I felt like E gave off Pacha vibes from Emperor’s new groove. I love D being a daughter to A, and will the mother be present in this or no?? Also will names be present to us soon and what names do you have in mind??

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