October 29th

Hey everyone!
So this was a bit of a slow week. Remi polished up the core three characters, and now he's waiting on me to finish up this rewrite to see if there is more to do. There may be two more characters, more like spotlighted background characters. So far, I've been loving this direction from Remi.
So this weekend, I'm going to push to get a new reworked draft of the script so we can finalize the other characters and then get turnarounds of all of the characters for animation. I'm jumping ahead on this part because this is a rare time when Remi can do it, so I'm working to get this part of the project done.
From here, it's making sure I can get this script to Ben so he can get started on the animatic, which, when we lock in, we can start on backgrounds.
There is a new addition to the team Kyle Bowman, he was a prop artist on Final Space Season 3, and we met up during a consulting meeting. I needed a prop artist, so we struck up a deal, and boom he's already started to sketch a few props in the short that we'll need. One is a sci-fi-looking off-road truck that could be used maybe 20 years from now, but that still has a familiar quality to it.
As you can see, it's building up all the pieces to make this thing come to life, and every week, we get close to seeing more of the completed puzzle. Onwards!
See ya next week!

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  • Spectral_Peeper

    Great stuff Olan! I’ve been wanting to make an animated series sometime in the future, so I can’t wait to see how it’s done, let alone another one of your works! I do miss Final space though, it’s probably out of the question at the moment but I hope that someday you’re able to wrap up the story :)
    Good luck on the project and I can’t wait to see it!

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