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This pledge single handed adds minutes to the project.

This pledge is also an intense creative boot camp that will take months or most likely over a year. This is no small endeavor! I spent years developing some pitches.

During these sessions, I'll use whatever resources I have to help you develop your project personally. Then, we will get it into shape to "try" and get a showrunner attached so you can take your project out to market. Now, there is no guarantee with any project, even my own, that it will go the distance and become a show. That being said I've sold every pitch I've taken out to market. Even if your project doesn't get sold, you will have gained so much knowledge that you should be able to do this on your own. You may also gain valuable connections along the way.

If you do this pledge, you have to want it; you have to want to do the work and be hungry to learn.