October 21st

Searching for the look and feel of this project has been a blast so far! This exploratory phase of finding the look of the characters is so important. What color is the right color? Do the characters look good together? What's the color palette of your project going to look like? So many tiny questions that need answers that could have a big impact.
Hey everyone! It's Olan once more.
It's been a fun week. I've sent the third draft to Ben (supervising director), who proceeded to give me an email so full of so many good notes it made me realize this script could be better! He sent a lot of thoughts I was already feeling, so I'm doing another pass to raise the emotion, the stakes, and the style of this short. I want this to be not good, not great, but amazing. That sometimes means throwing the script out and rebuilding with what works and scrapping what doesn't work. I do feel like it's getting better and better with each pass.  
Remi is doing a great job with the character art so far. The next step is to do a new pass on the script, lock in the direction of the characters, and finish building the team. From there, we head into boarding. 
Lots more soon! I'm only getting more excited about this project! Excited to show off what's next! More soon! 


  • Ashlee Kranz

    I LOVE the middle concepts!
    But how about swapping the orange for the yellow that’s on the bot to the right?
    Then the middle bot can be a cute walking egg!


  • Austin P

    This is super exciting news! :D

    I love the art design so far, even if it is just a concept so far!
    Keep up the awesome work man!

  • Dominik

    I really like Girl A and Robot B if that makes sense :)

    Yellow jacket with the little pony tail and the white/orange robot as he looks very friendly/quirky and also has the mmost positive face

    Props to Remi!

  • toM

    Bro esta buenisimo olan

  • Kevin

    I liked them all, but in particular the second

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